Advocacia José Silva

Tax, Corporate & Securities Law

Practice Areas

Tax Law

We cover all areas of Brazilian Federal Tax Law and disputes related to the VAT (ICMS) tax nationwide.

We also assist Brazilian citizens and legal residents to stay compliant with Brazilian tax Law with respect to their assets outside Brazil.

Inbound Investments

We offer a full range of services to inbound investors acquiring assets, starting or running a business or selling products or services in Brazil. Whatever the nature of the investment, we can provide advice on structural, tax and regulatory matters. We also provide external general counsel services for foreign companies with a branch or subsidiary in Brazil requiring ongoing legal assistance on day-to-day issues without having to maintain an in-house legal department.

Private Equity

Resting on our tax expertise, we assist on acquisitions, divestitures, succession planning (with a composite view to tax and control issues) and other matters related to changes in corporate ownership.

Securities Law

We provide full assistance for Investment Funds to invest in Brazilian private equity, government and private debt and traded securities. We have relationships with the country's largest investment and commercial banks for the provision of custodial and administration services.

We assist in the underwriting of Public and Private debt instruments - we are pioneers in the securitization of municipal debt in Brazil.

Our Firm

We are a group of legal and accounting professionals with experience encompassing the spectrum of tax, corporate, and securities matters.

From its founding in 1998, the firm has brought together Attorneys and Accounting professionals to focus on Tax, Corporate and Securities Law, specializing in litigation of major tax disputes at the state and federal levels, corporate acquisitions, divestitures and carveouts, debt placement and restructuring, succession planning, and foreign inbound investments, among other related areas.

From the outset we have applied this expertise to cross-border transactions and are prepared to provide best-in-class guidance and assistance in your company's legal matters in Brazil.